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This is our search engine optimization team. Quality not quantity.


We are here to deliver the best experience on the market.
Search Engine Optimization is our main business model. We analyze, track and investigate our customer websites to deliver the highest quality SEO available on the market. We cannot be beaten in this field. Our packages are the most generous and have the highest pr links possible.

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Like Google’s Spoke’s man always said: Quality of search index is the new algorithm. Google never spends time into tricking you use Ad-words neither will they ever have to! The Google secret is that there is no secret. Pay no attention to whoever wishes to offer you search engine optimization at a fixed price via email contact. These businesses still did not understand that quality beats the number of links. Content is very important.


When a business is trying to come up in ranks, another very important factor when dealing with the “Master Search Engine” is Love. That’s right. This feeling is called Googleness and unless you or your optimizers are fully committed to offering satisfaction to the way a crawler index a website, there isn’t much else. We at Media PRO Web – SEO Galway trained personnel understood and knows well how to deliver this the proper way.


Now after we have just told you about Googleness and how we love searches, probably it is a good moment to talk about the music behind the scene. Media PRO Web SEO Galway is lucky enough to have 2 internationally respected optimizers that are “in tune” with the musical algorithm Google is singing. For such SEO obsessed people, there is nothing better than a proper symphony of controlled searches coming at the top of Google.

You searched for ``Galway SEO`` and we were first

If you landed on this page, you most likely did a Google search for Galway SEO. You found MEDIA PRO because we practice what we preach. With our approach to SEO, Google ranks us first and we can do the same thing for your business. We can launch your target search phrases into a competitive search engine optimization campaign.

SEO Experts

Only SEO Experts can make it to the top 5 Google search results. Our place is right at the top. We know SEO.

Content Marketing

Is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Brand Visibility

We make people aware of your website and brand. The more often your site is found, the better. More people will learn about you.

Great Rankings

It takes a lot of hard skilled work to get a website to the top positions. Unfortunately, many customers get angry when they don't understand this fact.

Social Media

As social media experts, we are torn between beliefs. Is Social Media a hoax or is it absolutely necessary to engage into? We are sure its' both.

Inbound Marketing

We will connect your website/services/product to customers that are looking for products/services like the ones you offer. Inbound Marketing.

Quality Skills & Tools

It is likely that someone is searching for your product or service in Google right now. And because of this, your company or brand needs to be competitive in the search engine rankings so you don’t lose customers to your competitors.
Media PRO Web helps your business rank on the top of the search engines using everlasting SEO strategies that work, built for businesses like yours. Your business has metrics that are important to you, we hand you your most important key performance indicators on a monthly basis on a report that is easy to understand.
Our reporting and analytics process includes simplified reporting, tracking, and measurable stats that allow you to determine your next marketing move with a few key insights.

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Our Team Of Experts

We stand by integrity, hard work, innovation and results. Our team of in-house experts is ready to help your business reach your goals by providing a consultative approach, #1 rankings on Google and a working collaboration with industry professionals.



Web Developer & SEO Consultant

Stefan is our web design consultant. He is the person we sent to learn and greet our customers. As a trained system analyst, Stefan is our main coordinator and a hell of a web designer as well. Call Stefan on 091 450 817



Graphic Design

Brilliant and skilled graphic designer, Maria has a degree from a Fine Arts University. She is the visual impact coordinator and the designer of our Logos and Corporate Identity products. Combined with a Business College, she is a valuable team member.



Coding, SEO, PHP/SQL Guru

The entire team functions with the help of Patrick. He is probably the most intelligent Coder our team has. He can write lines of code for websites without preview. He creates responsive designs and intelligent code. Expert PHP, and Jquery.



Coding, SEO, PHP/SQL Guru

Edward and Stefan are our main Search Engine Optimization gurus. Thanks to their knowledge, all our products are built with SEO strategy in mind. Edward is also our content writer. Edward is also a senior web developer and a skilled Certified MySQL Developer.



SEO, Sales & Marketing

Together with Maria and Stefan, Ingrid works in our Marketing Department. She helps with graphic design and is also responsible for our customer's marketing accounts but also is a delegated member for meetings. She has extensive marketing experience.


We give you a free website analysis when you order a monthly service.

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