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Media PRO Web – SEO Galway is a leading SEO Company in Galway. We offer dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) and web design services to help you rank higher, over your competition. We have a team of highly qualified and skilled search engine specialists who are certified in Google AdWords and ISO standards providing a wide range of services in order to generate higher visitor traffic to your website. This ensures that your website gets higher rankings on the search engine pages.

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Do you want your website to be the first in Google‘s search results? Then do not jump over steps. Chose carefully and in the correct order. You will not save any money by skipping essential parts of the SEO process  Trust us: It matters. Media PRO – SEO Galway is ready to take and check your task list. First, order your website Audit. We need to know what to do first. In this process, we will learn about your current website state, from code quality to searchability.

You get a professional review and analysis of your website, including its content and inbound links. We recommend this service before you start any optimization campaign for your website. Most SEO experts recommend a detailed SEO audit at least twice a year. When you want to invest in SEO, it is important to have a deep analysis of your website. Order now this product and we will give you the best strategy that will increase the number of targeted visitors for your website.

This will improve visibility of your site and it will help you choose which keywords to target, increase search engine rankings and get many other things. Our system developed here is working flawlessly.

We are giving our customers only manual back-links. There is no robot or other software using an automated process involved in our work. We have 3 complete SEO Services available. We also have standalone products to top up your link building strategies. Used them as they are the strongest and the most “risk-free” techniques ever used in SEO. We have used it on many companies and boosted them to Google’s No. 1 Position.

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Content Submission

Content Submission refers to an OFF-Page SEO technique which includes the publication of your content to numerous online different locations.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired targeted action.

SEO Galway
Real-Time Analytics

We are giving you precise SEO Services with Real-Time Analytics. This way you know for a fact that we only deliver SEO services that actually work, unlike others.

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Online Management

Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing can be difficult tasks of your online management process. Simplify your load. Let us do your SEO.

We are giving our customers only manual back-links. There is no robot or automated process involved in our work. We have 3 complete SEO Services available. We also have standalone products to top up your link building strategies. Used them as they are the strongest and the most “risk-free” techniques ever used in SEO. We have used it on many companies and boosted them to Google’s No. 1 Position.

Opportunity Analysis

Our Opportunity Analysis and Competitive Research services ensure that you find profitable opportunities related to your product or service niche. Our experts in SEO Galway‘s office undertake effective competitive research to ensure that your internet marketing campaigns receive the much-needed stimulus to achieve higher sales and more profit. Our SEO services are result-oriented and designed to provide you with greater ROI. In addition to SEO, we also provide Web Design services nationwide through our sister company, Media PRO Web Design Galway.

Why choose SEO Galway

Never underestimate the effectiveness of search engines since they drive all customer traffic to your website. This means if you are not listed properly on the major search engines, you are allowing your competition to make more money at your expense. If you want to increase the flow of customer traffic to your website and improve the overall sales, then the best way to do it is to make use of a well-planned and effective SEO strategy. Most probably you are reading this because you found us amongst the top rankings on Google. Let us do the same for you.

Our Standard SEO Packages

Our affordable SEO packages are designed to make your online presence unique by providing you combined packages for various SEO services. SEO Galway has packages you can choose as per your budget and requirements. Our Professional SEO packages are designed to provide you with the best of our search engine marketing services at the most competitive rates.

Why chose Media PRO Web Seo Galway's Services?

We are the most innovative SEO Company in Galway
We have the lowest rates in our niche.
We can use our Internet Marketing techniques to get you on the first page of Google and other search engines.
We can get you listed in all the important internet directories that are relevant to your niche.
Our expertise and know-how will earn you more money from your on-line operations.
We will promote your business in such a way that you will get more enquiries from people who may have been out of your campaign reach until now.
Online Marketing is changing drastically. We constantly adapt and update our techniques to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.
You can’t afford to get left behind – Trust Us!

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Focus on everything you need to do for your business and leave the difficult SEO stuff to us. We make sure you unload everything to our SEO Inbound Marketing team. We will send customers your way, using our own SEO Techniques in return

You get assigned to your private account manager

We deliver a Website Audit to establish your starting score.

We do our magic for your website and send you full report at the end.

We also give you tracking tools incorporated in your website.

Your website is cleared of errors that stop it from ranking.

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More reasons to work with us

Our success enables us to have long-term relations with our clients. Once you jump into our boat, we make sure not only that you have a proper SEO Services, we give also a number of tools to work with and manage your tasks easier. From CRM to Rank Trackers or Analitycs - whatever you need.

SEO Galway
Website Speed Optimization

To ensure you are not losing customers, we increase the operation speed of your website to under 1 second. Search Engines also love a fast website.

SEO Galway
Creative Process

If we create your website from scratch, it will be designed with SEO in mind, taking care of multiple steps at creation levels, so that you will not be penalised for having an erroneous website.

SEO Galway
Design & Development

Media PRO Web SEO Galway is the search engine marketing department of Media PRO Web Design Galway. We have separated our departments and services to be able to isolate properly our workflow. This way SEO gets a little more attention from the beginning of each project.

SEO in Galway
Final Product

We only release your web design product after thorough testing. This ensures the reliability of design and function.

What does SEO stand for?
Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process that gets the website ready for search engines in order to obtain traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. Without onsite SEO and Links, it's like you do not have a website. If you want to rank high in Google Searches, then call us. We can make this happen for your website, for the lowest price for SEO in Galway City.


See what our customers say about us, or our SEO Services. We are sure we can do the same or better for you.

Stephen Lally
Business Owner

I was looking into Search Engine Optimization myself, but could not figure who to work with. I switched 4 SEO Companies in Galway until I found Media PRO Web - SEO Galway

Brian McCormack
Fuel Specialist

Our sales increased quite significantly due to Stefan and his team. We are in the top search results, all thans to the best SEO service in Galway City. I am very happy with the SEO standards received.

Jessica Kelly
Recruitment Specialists

We needed an active SEO Campaign for our services, aiming for targeted niches. With the help of Media PRO SEO Galway we have successfully meet all our targets with minimum effort.

Sharon O'Toole
Business Relations

We gave our website to Media PRO Web Design for SEO and Maintenance and now I have time to grow my business. I noticed we are the No.1 in Google for most of our search keys, since then.

Eugene Lawson
Marketing Manager

To optimize our business, we spread the marketing efforts with different providers. We hired Stefan as a contractor for SEO, since his is one of the TOP SEO Galway Providers. It was the perfect choice.

Sharon Colleran
GDPR Analist

All searches for General Data Protection Regulation in our area show our website for the no.1 search results, for organic and maps listing. Thank you Stefan. Awesome Galway SEO Company


Select a package below and let's tell Google about your website. Our SEO Strategies will be automatically tailored to each website for maximum compatibility and campaign success.

  • On-Site SEO

  • €From €235.99

    Per Month
  • No hidden fees. No pressure. Excellent for any business website.
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  • Monthly Packs

  • €From €659

    Per Month
  • Ideal for Bloggers / Start-Ups / Small Businesses with a limited budget.
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  • Article Submission

  • From €100

    Per Order
  • This one is for everybody. All of your websites need this product.

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