SEO does not include spam

Matt Cutts called it in:

Apparently what it has been up to the beginning of 2014 relevant to SEO is now rubbish.

Thanks to spam on blogs Google no longer pays attention to guest blogging for SEO Purposes.The same happens with emails. Email Marketing is almost dead. We agree that for to much time we received spam in our emails regarding SEO, with offers to do x y and z.

In reality  an SEO agency will never bother you. Those like ourselfs here at MEDIA PRO WEB have indeed never sent a single email asking for business. We never sent a single request to be anyone asking for permission to post on blogs and so on. To keep our high standards of business we conduct ourselves in a matter that will never bother anybody.

However, We get fed up with little pricks sending in emails like these ones here:

David Van <>

Dear Web Owner,

Want more clients and customers?
We will help them find you by putting you on the 1st page of Google

We have some special offers this season.

Email us back to get a full proposal.


David Van
Business Development Consultant

 Note: We are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind. If you are not interested then you can reply with a simple “NO”,We will never contact you again


Now, i just want to say something.

My name is Stefan and since i work for Media PRO Web, there was never ever,  not even a single message sent to try tricking people into fake SEO tactics. I would personally like to inform all of those so called SEO consultants or whatever name they give to themselves that:


There, i hope i said it straight enough and with time we will all get less and less of this awful spam.

We would like to ask you, never to respond to emails like the one above or worse, the one below:

A Example of Email SPAM

Hello my dear esteemed friend. I hope you are well….

I am an SEO expert from a vey large Indian SEO Company and I have analysed that your website does not has search engine friendly nature and its current ranking status very low on different search engines (Google/Yahpoo/Bing)

 As you know that top position of Google is the key of success, I would like to share with you that we have well experienced experts in our SEO teams and we all are well updated with White, Black and ray hat techniques.

 Our SEO packages are totally content based and have drawn according to Google guidelines.  Our services are very affordable and services quality is very high, below I have mentioned the some SEO package details.

  • Package 01, its monthly cost is 149 Euros and keyword capacity is 6.
  • Package 02, its monthly cost is 199 Euros and keywords capacity is 10.
  • Package 03, its monthly cost is 299 Euros and keywords capacity is 25.
  • Package 04, its monthly cost is 399 Euros and keywords capacity is 50.

 We would perform these below mentioned activities on our SEO campaigns.

*Manual Relevant Directory Back-links each month.

*Social bookmarks each month.

*Blog submissions each month.

*Blog Creation and Updation on regular basis.

*Classified ad Creation and Posting per month

*Forum Posting per month

*RSS Feed Submissions per month

*Press release writing per month.

*Press Release submissions per month

*Articles writing per month.

*Article submissions per month

*Create Blogspot and Word press account.

*Submission of Website URL

*Submission of Video url’s

*Twitter account setup and link submissions

*Followers per month on the twitter

*Facebook page creation and content posting

*Content writing for Blog

*Submission of blog posts to other Blog hosting sites

*RSS feed generation and updated

*Xml site map generated and updated

*Onsite Optimization (Keyword generation, metatag creation, alt image tags, headings

* Many more…….

 Kindly select any one package from among as per your keywords requirements and just mail back us we would start the campaign immediately.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.